This expressionistic stone series, titled, "Holocaust Echoes," was created in the 1980s during a period of inner turmoil for the author. Seven pieces emerged while she battled ghosts from her childhood World War II experiences. Each piece gave form to a major element of that history, the subject of her memoir.

Furtively, We Three


Evils Incarnate

Endless Cold

Downwind Death

Olé! España!

Mainsail West

'Furtively, We Three' image

First to be expressed was "Rage." Though placed in the series #2 spot, art therapists will understand why, as a process, it had to emerge first; its title says it all.

"Furtively, We Three" came second. It is a poignant expression of three faceless young lives in hiding, on the run for their lives.

The most difficult and complex piece of the series, "Evils Incarnate," was never quite finished. Intended to express the experienced ugliness and evils of that war, small chunks of stone kept breaking off during its development, expressing seemingly never-ending new evils.

Fourth in the series, "Endless Cold," expresses the biting cold of a winter mountain escape.

An ever-present terrifying possibility during that escape was an encounter with a Gestapo killer dog. "Downwind Death," the series' fifth piece captures in part, the sense of menace and fright that preceded each step into the night.

"Olé! España!," number six, shouts indescribable joy.

The seventh and last in the series is "Mainsail West," an expression of the final wrenching separation.

When all seven pieces are placed side by side, the dream behind the combined symbolic representations of Holocaust Echoes becomes clear.

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