The Author


In June 1940, as a terrified eight year-old, Jacqueline Grossman witnessed the German army march into her beloved native Paris. Seemingly overnight, she found out what life was like to be a despised Jew and became a determined survivor. She quickly learned that keeping your mouth shut was often the difference between life and death. Later, she acquired new survival skills in a foreign land as the eleven year-old surrogate mother to her two younger sisters.

Though still haunted by demons of those young years, today, she is a proud American citizen and speaks English without an accent. She earned degrees from U.C. Berkeley and California State University and holds three college teaching credentials. Before becoming an author, she raised two children of her own, enjoyed diverse careers, and became a community leader and an award-winning sculptor (see The Cover and Art/Sculptures).


For over four decades, Jacqueline would not speak of her painful early years. They lay hidden beneath layers of rage, hatred and grief. But serendipity stepped in. During mid-life she rediscovered a childhood love, art. Still needing to hide her true identity, she then began sculpting under the name, jacquot. She entered competitions and earned several first-place awards.

During the early part of this art phase, a series of seven stone pieces she titled "Holocaust Echoes" emerged (see Art/Sculptures). Through them, Jacqueline found the emotional release she needed to come out of hiding. Only then, could she reveal her concealed ethnic identity and write or speak of her wartime heartbreaks and struggles to survive. Today, Chased By Demons brought her national attention with the 2012 1 place award for non-fiction from the National League of American Pen Women.