The Book

reveals the author's long-hidden story of World War II survival and wrenching separations in her native France. Grossman first shows us the pre-war Paris of her cherished, carefree childhood. Then, in startling contrast, she has us step into the same dark pit of fear and subterfuge into which she is thrown when the Nazis invade her homeland. Overnight, she becomes a hunted Jew. To avoid capture and death in Hitler's killing camps, she and her family are forced to live on the run under increasingly threatening conditions. Two years pass. There is no place left to hide, so she is smuggled out of France to questionable safety. Following a haunting life-defining moment, she now faces her most dreaded and wrenching separation.

Early readers of this memoir lauded its cinematic quality and urged the writing of a screenplay. One is now on the way.

Many groups in her community have asked for author readings of . These opportunities are welcomed. She feels too many people are trying to rewrite history, and this is her way of giving chase to their lies! Furthermore, she thinks people should be aware of the shadowy aftermaths that can follow children and their families beyond war. One must ask, what kind of mark will today's child-victims make on the world when they come of age?

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